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The 1,4-Dioxane Book

The Complete Reference
Chapter 5 – Table of Contents
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Chapter 5       The Toxicology of 1,4-Dioxane (by Julie Stickney, Ph.D., DABT, Syracuse Research Corporation)
5.1 Toxicokinetics
5.2 Toxicity Studies in Humans
5.3 Toxicology Studies in Laboratory Animals
5.3.1 Acute and Short-Term Toxicity Studies (<1 Month Exposure)
5.3.2 Subchronic and Chronic Toxicity Studies
5.3.3 Mechanistic Toxicology Studies Genotoxicity Initiation/Promotion Studies Mechanistic Studies Evaluating Mode of Action for Carcinogenicity
5.4 Summary of Noncancer Health Effects
5.5 Characterization of Cancer Potential
5.5.1 Summary of Human and Animal Data
5.5.2 Weight-of-Evidence Evaluation
5.5.3 Mode of Action
5.6 1,4-Dioxane Toxicology and Risk Assessment